Brake Pads

Abnormal brake pad wear due to a sticky calliper, poor quality brake pads or worn out pads, can result in increased stopping distance, pulling to one side when braking, screeching or squealing, or the vehicle locking up when braking. You may also notice a soft/spongy brake pedal feel.
We fit Bendix Brake pads, for their reliable braking, lack of noise and dust and lack of brake fade when hot. We trust this brand, and whilst they are dearer than other brands of brake pads, we feel that the brakes on your car are worth it!

Calliper Service

Every time brake pads are replaced on your vehicle, we also recommend a caliper service. We remove the calliper slides to clean and lubricate them, thereby ensuring that your brake pads wear evenly. We check all seals inside the calliper and check that there are no fluid leaks.

Brake Discs

Discs (or rotors) that are affected by heat spots or uneven wear can cause a shuddering feel through the brake pedal, steering wheel or even the whole car when braking.
When new brake pads are fitted, we highly recommend the machining of disc rotors. This ensures maximum braking efficiency because the smoother the surface of the disc rotor, the more efficient the braking. For effective braking, new brake pads should fit flush against the disc rotor. We are able to machine your disc rotors and drums in-house with our specialized brake lathe, to ensure that you get the maximum life and effectiveness from your brake system.

Evidence of brake problems

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