RWCs & Pre-purchase Inspections

Road Worthy Certificate (RWC) Inspections

We are VicRoads licensed to perform roadworthy inspections on all light vehicles under 4.5 ton, and on LPG vehicles. This includes all passenger cars, 4 wheel drives and some small trucks.

Passenger car inspections are priced at $180.00
Four Wheel Drive Inspections are priced at $220.00.

Pre-purchase Inspections

Whilst roadworthy inspections and certificates are an excellent indicator of the condition of safety items, it is not an overall inspection of the entire vehicle. Given that roadworthy certificates are only valid for 30 days, you may purchase a vehicle that comes with a RWC, and then need brakes or tyres in 3 months time. Or, the motor may be a lot more worn than you realised. That’s an expense you may not have been expecting!! Our pre-purchase inspections take approx 3 hours, cost $245.00, and give you a complete bumper-to-bumper report on:

  • The condition of the paint work and interior
  • A visual inspection of the body structure and any indicators that it has been in an accident
  • A compression check on the motor
  • An estimate on tyre wear and condition
  • Front and rear brake wear, including disc measurements
  • Transmission operation and fluid condition
  • Clutch and gearbox operation
  • A diagnostic scan of the vehicle’s computer
  • Suspension and steering components, including all bushes
  • A road test to check handling, wheel alignment and stopping capability
  • The estimated cost of any repairs that may be required in the near future

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